Buckeye Hone Company, headquartered in Mercer, PA



Delivering Innovative Metals Solutionsand Outstanding Service

Texas Stainless, headquartered in Temple, TX

​​Bellco Metals Group is a sales and service company representing the following principals:

Delta Centrifugal, headquartered in  Temple, TX

American Foundry, headquartered in  Bixby, OK

Dee Foundries, headquartered in  Houston, TX

Patriot Forge Company, headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, Canada

We serve the specialty materials market primarily in the Marine, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Pulp and Paper, Aerospace, and Chemicals segments.

The products are seamless, resistant to corrosion and have very high tensile properties. Chemical composition and mechanical properties can be tailored to the end use and application through machining, forging or casting, heat treating or other foundry and forging operations. Composition and dimensions can be modified to meet the customers’ requirements.

In house testing up through radiographic tests can be conducted. Full chemical and mechanical certification results can be provided depending on the customers' requirements.

Our suppliers are located in the US and Canada and have the full range of Nuclear, US - DOD, ISO, PED, DOT, and ITAR certifications. 

Typical applications include:

  • Process and Power Conversion Components for Nuclear, Coal, Waste, and Wind Power Generation Facilities
  • Shafts and Process Components in Chemical and Petrochemical Facilities
  • Heavy Equipment for Mining Operations and Slurry Separation Operations
  • Unique Designs and Custom Orders in the Aerospace Industry
  • Stainless Steel Components and Tailshaft Liners for Marine Build and Repair
  • Rolls and Pulp Processing Equipment in Pulp and Paper Facilities
  • Bodies, Internal Parts and Seals in the Pump Industry
  • Valve Body, Fittings, Internal Components, and Unique Geometries for Valves

Other Services include 3D Patternless Mold Creation, Casting Simulation, Cutting, VAR Purification, Seamless Ring Fabrication, CNC Machining, Heat Treating, Pattern Design and Manufacture, Investment Casting, Fabrication, Testing and Honing.